Tapping Granny Flat

Based on The Wattle – Built 2022.

Granny Flat Based on The Wattle

There’s a new leader in Perth’s Granny Flat scene and it’s this gorgeous tiny home.

Based off The Wattle from our Studio Design range, the clients wanted a separate sleeping area
without adding to the footprint so we have tweaked this to become a one-bedroom Granny Flat
under 40 sqm.

Our Design Team worked their magic and managed to fit in enough room for an eatery and
workspace, plus that bedroom complete with a wall of robes and even laundry facilities were added
to the bathroom so now it ticks all of the boxes in a very compact, tiny house kind of way and has
become a very livable space ready for a tenant or guests.

With views to the clouds, the skillion roof and highlight window design elements add space and light
to the kitchen and living areas and shows that you can have style and design in even the tiniest of
spaces without compromise.